The Transformation Roadmap

DMAI’s DestinationNEXT study identified three “transformational opportunities” for DMOs to seize in order to secure their destination’s ongoing position in a competitive marketplace:

  • Moving from broadcast to engagement marketing
  • Brand enhancement through destination management and product development
  • Activating new DMO business models and partnerships

We help accelerate the identification and implementation of relevant transformational change by helping DMOs and their stakeholders design and activate a Transformation Roadmap.

The roadmap helps DMOs to identify high-relevance business event opportunities and develop high-performance marketplace initiatives that create new value for their clients — essentially transforming and elevating a destination’s appeal and value proposition in the marketplace and the community.

A Transformation Roadmap is an accountable action plan co-created through an engagement process with a destination’s key stakeholders: industry, community AND its marketplace clients. Our development process has THREE components:

Discovery: This component focuses on identifying and defining a series of potential transformational marketplace initiatives (e.g. content marketing, promotional events) to help meet strategic plan objectives. Through a performance analysis process, we develop an understanding of how a DMO’s key business plan activities are performing relative to its established strategic plan metrics as well as against local stakeholder needs and expectations. This could include a “transformation workshop” to identify a destination’s stakeholder priorities that can be addressed through the pursuit of specific initiatives designed to enhance business events performance.

Co-Creating an Accountable Action Plan: Prioritized transformation initiatives/strategies are then presented  for validation and further evolution. Once validated, an actionable operational timeline and budget will be developed with assigned performance waypoints, required resources and measures of success.

Implementation: FULCRUM will then collaborate with the DMO as well as its network of implementation partners around the world, to implement the plan in the marketplace. Performance reporting and regular operational reviews with our DMO clients and stakeholders are a vital element of the Transformation Roadmap.